Self Service Dashboard Applications for Real-time and Historical Data:

  • Microsoft: Native WinRT and Windows Phone Apps take advantage of Microsoft's latest Operating System.
  • Apple: iPhones and iPads can now access full ICONICS views for unparalleled control via HTML5.
  • Google: HTML5 access to HMI/SCADA control from Phones and Tablets running Android Operating Systems.

About KPIWorX

KPIWorX is an app that allows for the creation, saving and loading of self-service dashboards via MobileHMI. Users can drag and drop data, configure widgets and split screens to add new widgets utilizing KPIWorX’ several preconfigured gauges, process points, trends, alarms and grids. A library of intuitive drag and drop smart symbols makes display creation seamless and efficient. Split-screen compatibility allows for use of multiple widgets and docked settings with a navigator. KPIWorX displays automatically adjust for various data sources as well as smaller fonts, smaller margins and keyboard handling. KPIWorX is especially useful for on-the spot display creation for visualizing data as it is needed. KPIWorX displays can also be transferred to desktop mode for sharing.